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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers

Everything for machine parts handling!

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STRÖDTER handling manipulators for machine tool loading

Handling of mass-produced parts is often still done with manual physical strength in parts production, at assembly workstations and in order picking Logistics areas are taken care of.

The handling of mass-produced parts, for example with robot systems guided by cameras, is in place in complex process flows Too inflexible in most cases and robot workstations are very expensive to purchase. For safety reasons, robots are only allowed to work quickly in fenced areas.

Specially trained specialist personnel are required to carry out the programming to undertake and provide the service. Hand-held manipulators are the

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for machine tool loading

more economical solution.

STRÖDTER handling technology offers the most effective handling manipulators for all industrial sectors.

In addition to handling the manipulator, other activities often have to be carried out at the workplace. At manipulator workstations, additional activities are often carried out in parallel by other workers.

With STRÖDTER handling−manipulators

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for machine tool loading

The parts can be moved floating easy and ergonomic. STRÖDTER supplies complete systems with product grippers.

The load-carrying grippers are adapted to the product to be handled and the handling process using the STRÖDTER Gripper modular system.

STRÖDTER can rely on more than 10,000 implemented solutions. There are a variety of pneumatic gripper solutions and also a variety of magnetic gripper and vacuum gripper solutions.

Some parts can also be gripped with mechanical hooks or fork tools. The choice of The right system depends on the requirements of the respective process. Especially in mechanical engineering, it is often necessary heavy machine parts are handled sensitively, gently and precisely. Conventional crane systems are not suitable for this because of their sensitive control and the slow lifting speed are unsuitable. Suitable for the sensitive and precise fit The machine components are balance handling−manipulators. The balance-floating control allows the components can be guided floating, transported quickly and installed sensitively using human sensors.

In many industrial applications, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, the precise handling of heavy machine parts are crucial.

This is where conventional crane systems reach their limits because their control is not sensitive enough and the lifting speed is too high is too slow. In contrast, Balance industrial manipulators prove to be an ideal solution for these requirements.

These systems enable sensitive and precise installation (or removal, insertion, etc.) of machine components through their Balance hover control. This innovative technology allows the components to be guided in a floating manner, quickly transported and installed extremely precisely using human sensor technology. Therefore, theselection of the The right system is crucial in order to meet the specific requirements of the respective production process. The joint manipulators are set up on site on columns or hung from the ceiling and for larger work areas with a ROLLYXPLUS+ Aluminium crane rail system equipped by STROEDTER.

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for machine tool loading

Hovering elevates the experience above lifting!
Handling manipulators from STRÖDTER
The system supplier for lifting aids in B2B

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Many industrial sectors produce manufacturing parts internally in order to maintain control over product quality and delivery times. This is particularly the case in industries that require specialized components or special quality standards required are. If you look specifically at the area of machine parts handling, you will notice that many of these products are sensitive to incorrect handling handling. The STRÖDTER handling technology is tailored precisely to this area of appropriate handling specialized. Here are some industrial areas in which manufacturers often produce many production parts for production themselves and are dependent on this Produced quality of the products to maintain:
Automotive industry: Automobile manufacturers often produce a variety of components such as engines, transmissions, chassis and electronic parts in-house to better control the quality and the production chain.
STRÖDTER built-in manipulators have been supporting this for many years.
Aerospace industry: Due to the strict safety and quality standards, many critical parts such as engines, avionics, optical Components and structural components manufactured internally.
Mechanical engineering: Manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment often produce key components in-house to ensure the performance and reliability of their products ensure. Energy generation: The energy generation industry, whether in the production of electricity through power plants or renewable energies, is often highly specialized Parts manufactured internally to ensure the operation of the systems.
Medical technology: In the production of medical devices and instruments, many components are manufactured internally to meet strict regulatory requirements to fulfill and ensure quality. Defense Industry: The defense industry often manufactures its own parts to ensure that critical defense equipment meets high quality and standards Meet safety standards.
Electronics Industry: Electronics manufacturing often produces printed circuit boards, semiconductors and other components in-house to maintain control over the Maintain product quality and reliability. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: When producing chemical products or active pharmaceutical ingredients, the internal production of key components is important important to ensure the quality and safety of the products.
Heavy industry: In steel and metal processing, many components are manufactured so that the raw materials can be processed internally to meet specific requirements of customers. Food and Beverage Industry: In some cases, manufacturers build specialized processing equipment or packaging machines in-house to accommodate the To optimize the production process.
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